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About Us

The Leicester Astronomical Society meets at 7.30pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of most months at the National Space Centre, Leicester. We are a friendly group whose members have a wide range of expertise. In addition to the Tuesday evening meetings, observing sessions are held on some Saturdays when conditions permit. Non-members are welcome at all our meetings (charge of £1).

The talks on Tuesday nights cover all aspects of astronomy and are given by professionals, well-known amateurs and our own members.

We get involved in a number of public outreach events with organisations such as the National Space Centre and Leicester City Council.

A Brief History

On 14 October 1952, a number of enthusiasts met at the Leicester Museum, New Walk, Leicester to discuss the formation of an astronomical society. Among those attending was Councillor Alan Cooper. He suggested that the aims of the Society should be to promote activities relating to study of astronomy and allied subjects and to arrange visits to observatories.

Mr T A Walden, Director of the Museum, was in attendance and he mentioned that some time ago the Leicester Literacy and Philosophical Society had had a section devoted to astronomy. He thought that times were changing and that in view of progress made in the past few years a separate astronomical society would have a wider appeal.

Other venues

Over the past 50 years, the Society has met at a number of locations in the Leicester area including Gateway College, Judgemeadow Community College, Braunstone Civic Centre and now at the National Space Centre.


  1. Paul Masters
    7th September 2016

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    Hi everyone.
    Can I just confirm your next meeting is on 13th Sept. I’d like to come along and ask for some advice.
    I’m thinking of buying a telescope with the main purpose of photographing DSO.
    I’ve been looking at,
    Sky-Watcher Skyliner-200P FlexTube SynScan GO-TO Dobsonian Telescope,
    but have read that it’s not suitable due to step motors on the drive being a bit twitchy.
    My fall back would most likely be,
    Sky-Watcher EXPLORER-250PDS
    254mm (10″) f/4.7 Parabolic Dual-Speed Newtonian Reflector OTA.
    I’m sure it all comes down to the mount/drive probably, but not sure. Hopefully I’ll get a better sense of what’s what after talking to one of you peeps.


    • LEICSastro
      11th September 2016

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      Hello Paul

      Yes, next meeting is 13 Sep. 7.30pm


  2. richard fairbairn
    10th April 2017

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    Hi we met @ the space center ( which I enjoyed very much) and would like to attend tonight.

    • LEICSastro
      19th April 2017

      Leave a Reply

      Glad you enjoyed it, Dick, and that you were able to come to the meeting.

  3. Stephanie
    9th July 2017

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    Can you confirm your next meeting. I just treated myself and my oh, to a celestron 8″ and would like to join a group.

    • LEICSastro
      12th July 2017

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      Will reply to your email, Steph

  4. Michelle Morley
    21st January 2018

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    Hi there,

    My husband and I are interested in coming to your meeting on the 23rd of January? Do we need know or bring anything other than £1 for the meeting? We are really looking forward to it!

    • LEICSastro
      27th January 2018

      Leave a Reply

      Have replied by email

  5. Bharat Keshwala
    7th February 2018

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    Hi, After receiving my first telescope as a present, due to my lifetime interest in astronomy, I need as much advice as possible on taking my interest further. I was therefore wondering if I could attend your next meeting and if possible become a member?

    • LEICSastro
      7th February 2018

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      Hi Bharat
      Thanks. yes, you would be most welcome to attend our next meeting. Look forward to seeing you. I shall email you separately about this. Best wishes Ann

  6. Ava
    20th October 2018

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    Hi, i was wandering if i could attend your next meeting, i’m a complete novice but have always been fascinated by



    • LEICSastro
      21st October 2018

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      Hi Ava

      Thanks. I am replying to you by email.


  7. Julia
    21st January 2019

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    Dear LSA

    I’m interested in attending one of your meetings please and/or if possible one of your observing sessions if non members are welcome?

    Many thanks


    • LEICSastro
      12th February 2019

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      Yes please do Julia. Sorry for delay in replying. Feb 12 is the AGM so not a typical meeting. Next meeting after that is Feb 26 when we shall hear about Uranus.

  8. Steven ballard
    10th February 2020

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    Hello! I’ve just bought a dobsonian telescope, and am a complete beginner. I’d like to come to a meeting, could you email me some info on thatplease? Thanks

    • LEICSastro
      16th February 2020

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      Have replied by email Steve. Thanks for your enquiry.

  9. Geoff Willis
    3rd March 2020

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    Hi, i have an interest in astronomy (although a complete beginner!) and wondered if i might be able to come along to your next meeting to for advice and information.
    Thank you

    • LEICSastro
      8th March 2020

      Leave a Reply

      Yes please do come along Geoff. I will also email you. Best wishes

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