Leicester Astronomical Society

2017 Meetings

2017 meetings

All 7.30pm, John Eggleston Suite, the National Space Centre, Exploration Drive, Leicester

10 Jan “Physics Special Topics: an application of physics to solve diverse problems” by Nahid Chowdhury, Sunil Mucesh, Darren Nutting and Daniel Watters, Leicester University

24 Jan “Lifting Jupiter’s Cloudy Veil with the Juno Mission” Dr Leigh Fletcher, Leicester University

14 Feb AGM

28 Feb “Human spaceflight – the challenges, risks and opportunities…….including the trials and tribulations of getting our own experiments on board the ISS for Tim to do”by Prof Anu Oja, National Space Centre

14 March “Astronomy beyond light: the dawn of the multimessenger era.” Dr Phil Evans, Leicester University

28 March Spring Night Sky by various members and Telescope Clinic.

11 April Postcards from Mars – Return to Tharsis. By Peter Rea, Spaceflight Enthusiast.

25 April Metal detecting by Dr Julian Onions, Nottingham University
What are metals to an astronomer, how do they get made, and what can they tell us about the history of the universe in terms of stars and galaxies?

9 May Rosetta & Philae: From Concept to reality. by Dave Eagle

23 May ‘These are a few of my favourite things’ by various members. What piece of equipment would you be totally lost without? Which (probably by now) well-tattered book has been your faithful astronomical companion since the early days? What’s your favourite viewing target? Do you have a long-term astro project that you have been working on? Tell us about it tonight! Inspire others!

13 June Talk on Dawn mission to Ceres and Vesta by David Conner

27 June Summer Night sky and presentations by members

8 Aug – Members Evening – but all are welcome!
12 Sep – ‘The Great American Eclipse 2017’ by various members (could be on something else if eclipse is clouded out!)
26 Sep 10 Oct 24 Oct 14 Nov
28 Nov 12 Dec


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